Cherry Knoll Farm is a passionate supporter of the National Junior Angus Association. CKF sponsors various Angus events, as well as sells its cattle to juniors during the annual Fall and Spring Sales. The team at Cherry Knoll Farm believes that the children are the future of the Angus industry, the future of America and the future of the world.


It is the exemplary breeding program that made Cherry Knoll Farm the number one farm choice for the National Junior Angus Association (NJAA) Leaders Engaged in Angus Development (LEAD) Conference venue, for more than 150 juniors from across the country and Canada.,

Forefathers & Farmers: Cultivating Angus Youth was the theme of the 2014 LEAD Conference. This annual event provides an open line of communication for members of different associations to share ideas, exchange plans and establish goals. Each year, the participating juniors collectively choose a highlight location to visit, and Cherry Knoll Farm was at the top of the list.

The afternoon LEAD session kicked off with Margaret Duprey sharing the story of Cherry Knoll Farm with the participants. Margaret told of her passion for high performance horses and led the group on a guided tour of the barn, introducing them to the horses in residence.

Following the tour, the juniors enjoyed a delicious barbeque dinner catered by local eatery Triple Fresh. During dinner, several of the juniors took the opportunity to introduce themselves to the Dupreys, and thank them for their generosity as sponsors, as well as hosts.

“Although I do not have kids of my own, my family and I feel it is vitally important to support the younger generations. We know education plays a very important part of the future and we do what we can to help out as much as possible,” Margaret said

Fitzgerald openly discussed the day-to-day operations of Cherry Knoll Farm, their breeding philosophy and strategy, as well as the rising concerns the economy forces breeders to confront. He acknowledged that Cherry Knoll Farm is an exceptional facility and credited the success of the operation to the Duprey’s philosophy, vision and generosity

“I really wanted to show the kids that you can work for beautiful people, in a beautiful place and give back to the community,” Fitzgerald said. “Cherry Knoll Farm is a special place, and we are thrilled to host the NJAA. We have the greatest set of babies ever raised, and it is our philosophy of quality over quantity that has allowed for us to succeed. It was important for these kids to see that you don’t need 3,000 head of cattle to compete against the big guys.”