Brooke USA Celebrates Successful Cocktail Party Hosted by Ambassador Margaret H. Duprey During Wellington Winter Equestrian Circuit


Wellington, Fla. – February 12, 2016 – Margaret H. Duprey, international dressage rider and prominent sport horse owner, became an ambassador of Brooke USA exactly one year ago. Enthralled by the good works of the largest equine welfare charity in the world, Duprey has since attended several events, as well as continuingly raising awareness of the non-profit, yet she wanted to take her ambassadorship to a new level. On Tuesday, Feb. 2, Duprey hosted an exclusive cocktail party at her home to introduce her friends and peers to the organization that captured her attention one year prior.

“It was great to tell everyone the story of The Brooke and my involvement as an ambassador with Brooke USA,” Duprey said. “So many of us love the equines, but to add in education to make life better for both, it's a win-win cause.”

Duprey hosted 30 elite equestrians at her personal residence in Wellington, Florida, introducing them to fellow ambassadors and advocates of Brooke USA including professional polo player Nic Roldan, Olympic dressage gold medalist Debbie McDonald and Olympic show jumping team gold medalist Laura Kraut.

Headquartered in London, the Brooke was founded by Dorothy Brooke in 1934. As the wife of a British Major General stationed in Cairo, Mrs. Brooke began a free veterinary clinic there after seeing the deplorable conditions of the British, Australian and American war horses who had been left behind in Egypt after WWI by the military and virtually sold into hard labor. The Brooke has expanded over the last 80 years to assist millions of working equines and the people who depend on them, and the organization is currently working in Egypt, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nepal, Senegal, Jordan, Guatemala and Nicaragua.

At least 100 million working equines are the engines that power the developing world, doing the hardest jobs under the toughest conditions to support the livelihoods of 600 million people. That is nine percent of the world's population. The Brooke is dedicated to improving the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules in communities where people often earn less than one dollar a day. Poverty and desperation often force owners to overwork their animals, resulting in a great deal suffering. Most of this suffering is preventable. The Brooke works together with local communities to bring about lasting improvements to the lives of their working animals, which also protects human livelihoods.

Brooke USA opened the American office in 2013 at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky. Brooke USA staff, board members, donors and guests travelled to Wellington for the event, celebrating the good works of Brooke USA and their support of the world-wide programs put in place by the Brooke that alleviate the suffering of working horses, donkeys and mules. Emily Dulin, the newly appointed Executive Director of Brooke USA, was joined by Brendon Elliot, the head of international fundraising for the Brooke in London to welcome guests and answer questions.

Duprey spoke to the guests from her heart, explaining her purpose for holding the event, and then welcomed Chairman of the Board Dr. David Jones for a brief speech. With more than 45 years of experience in the field as a veterinarian and supporter of the Brooke, Jones gave an in depth look into the projects and sustainability provided by Brooke USA and its parenting organization.

Jones commented, “I saw very early on, as a young man in my career, that you’d be blind if you didn’t realize the relationship between people owning animals, working animals and the benefit they get or what the potential is if you could actually improve that situation. There are probably, we estimate 5 million of the hundred million working equines in a pretty poor state, so the ambition working within the Brooke family is to get to all 5 million of the ones that have the most need. That’s what we’d really like to see within the next 5 to 10 years.”

Two of the Brooke’s long-time supporters, Fritz and Claudine Kundrun asked that others consider joining them as donors and advocates of the non-profit organization that helps horses to help people.

“As a young man, my company sent me to Pakistan. I lived there for two years and I saw firsthand the plight of donkeys, horses and camels,” Mr. Kundrun recalled. “Everyday I saw how cruelly they were being treated, and I promised myself that if I ever made it in a career, I’d make some money and I’d try to do something [to help]. Then, all of a sudden a friend of ours told me about the Brooke and we have now been supporters for 10 years.”

Fritz smiled, “Thank you to Margaret for hosting this beautiful evening, as well as opening her home and heart to such a deserving cause.”

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