Cherry Knoll Farm Fall Sale Wraps Up with Remarkable Results


West Grove, PA – October 29, 2014 – Nestled on the rolling hills and lush green grass in the heart of what was once the famous King Ranch, is the quaint and beautiful Cherry Knoll Farm, owned by Margaret and Bob Duprey. The scene was tranquil last Wednesday as the Angus cattle grazed in the pastures, unaware of the bidding frenzy taking place during the 2014 Cherry Knoll Farm Heifer Online Sale. It was a sale that exceeded all expectations, grossing over $432,000.

Cherry Knoll Farm is a name synonymous with quality, and it was reflected during the heated bidding war. The online sale was alive with a digital battle for some of the best cattle offered in the nation. The sale opened at 8 a.m. and was scheduled to close at 6 p.m.; however, the time was extended by four hours to handle the extreme volume of bidding.

The 27 heifers and 46 embryos on the auction block sold to juniors and cattle operations across the nation. Over 1,600 households placed bids on the Black Angus heifers for a chance to own and show a part of Cherry Knoll genetics.

“It was an incredible sale, one of those that you never imagine you would have,” Tim Fitzgerald, manager of the Cherry Knoll Farm Angus operation said. “It was over the top with unbelievable results. Most of the heifers were sold to juniors, or their families. We are thrilled to see our new genetics implemented into their herds.”

The sale went off without a hitch as Sale Day USA handled the traffic and bidding, from both existing and new customers to the Cherry Knoll program. Due to their exceptional services, Cherry Knoll Farm has worked with Dan Leo and his staff for three years, further demonstrating Cherry Knoll’s dedication to quality, apparent in every aspect of the industry.

Cherry Knoll Farm’s Angus cattle operation, located just outside of Philadelphia, operates with only 50 head of momma cows, yet their cattle continue to win top honors at Angus Shows across the nation. It is the exemplary breeding program that made Cherry Knoll Farm the household name it has become.

“Great people purchased great cattle,” Fitzgerald concluded.

If you missed your chance to bid on one of Cherry Knoll’s coveted heifers, make sure to plan for their Spring Sale. For more information on Cherry Knoll Farm, please visit