Cherry Knoll Farm

Cherry Knoll Farm is a name synonymous with quality. The Black Angus cattle operation defies the law of averages. It operates with a select herd of 50 head of cattle, yet captures winning titles across the nation against contenders with thousands. Personal attention to detail is the secret to CKF’s great success throughout the Angus industry, as well as high performance equestrian sports such as show jumping, dressage and para-dressage.

Cherry Knoll Farm Facilities

Nestled on the rolling hills and lush green grass in the heart of what was once the famous King Ranch in Southern Chester County is the quaint and beautiful Cherry Knoll Farm. The Black Angus cattle operation is located in West Grove, Pennsylvania, while the high performance sport horses are based out of the Winter Horse Capital of the world in Wellington, Florida.

Dressage Powerhouse

From being an Olympic contender to coaching some of the best riders in the world to international success, Todd Flettrich is a veteran of the competition arena and highly sought-after trainer and mentor. He currently shows Cherry Knoll Farm’s high performance dressage horses, as well as coaching owner and amateur dressage competitior Margaret Duprey to wins aboard her own dressage mounts.

Olympic Champions

Cherry Knoll Farm owns Olympic mounts and works with the best experts in the equestrian industry. Laura Kraut, a member of the U.S. Show Jumping Team and Olympic champion, rides and trains Cherry Knoll Farm’s Cedric, Andretti S and Constable.